Covid-19 vaccinations

 The NHS has now moved to the second phase of the vaccine rollout – people under 50 – and vaccinations will be offered by age, starting with those aged 45 and over.

 Getting an appointment 

Currently, anyone aged 44 and over can book a vaccination online at If you are not able to book online you can call 119 free of charge, between 7am and 11pm seven days a week. As the age limit reduces, this will be updated on the booking homepage. 


If you would prefer to have your vaccination at the centre run by local GP practices you do not need to do anything – we will contact you when we have appointments available. We know lots of people will be eager to get protected but please do not contact your GP practice for an appointment. People will not be able to make an appointment unless they have been invited and you might stop someone who needs medical help getting through to us.  

Getting your second vaccination 

People need two doses of the vaccine to make sure they get maximum protection. If you had your first dose at a GP centre, you will be contacted by your practice when it is time for your second dose. This will usually be 11-12 weeks after your first vaccination. Again, please don’t contact the practice for an appointment, unless it is over 11 weeks since you had your first vaccination.


For more information about the vaccine, please visit

Wearing Masks 

Covid 19 Patient Leaflet

Guidance for vulnerable patients 

Information for patients: appointment at a red hub – what to expect and what you need to do now

If you have been booked an appointment at one of the sites in Bradford, you will have an initial telephone appointment with a GP from the red hub. You will then be booked a face to face appointment if you are:


 in urgent need of a face-to-face GP appointment (and the issue cannot be resolved by a telephone, video or e-consultation), and


  • have possible symptoms of coronavirus, or

  • are self-isolating in a household


 If you are booked an appointment at the red hub in Mannigham Health Centre, you will be given an appointment time, and the GP will call your mobile when you arrive (whilst you remain in your vehicle) to ask you a series of questions before being invited in for your appointment. 


Please note: when your GP calls, this is likely to be from a withheld number – please answer your phone.

 You will not receive a test for Coronavirus (COVID-19) at these hubs. At present these are only done if you are admitted to hospital with an illness which resembles coronavirus.

The red hubs are in the following locations:






You will have been advised at the time that your appointment was booked, which of these hubs you will be seen at.


What you need to do before you attend your appointment

 Make sure that you have accurately described your symptoms to our GP practice

  • Make sure that we have your correct, most up to date mobile number

  • Make sure you let us know if you are unable to attend a hub because you do not have your own transport


What you can expect at your appointment


If you are booked an appointment at one of the Bradford red hubs, please click here to see what you can expect at your appointment.


If you are booked an appointment at the Silsden red hub, please click here to see what you can expect at your appointment.



If you are a patient at one of the red hubs


The GP practices based at each of the four hub sites remain open but have temporarily relocated. They will continue to offer services to their patients from the following locations:


  • Silsden Medical Practice will operate from Steeton Surgery

  • Shipley Medical Centre will operate from Westcliffe Health Centre

  • Manningham Health Centre will operate from Clarenden Medical Centre - Alice Street

  • Horton Bank Top surgery will operate from The Ridge Medical Practice


Where to find more information about coronavirus


For the latest information and advice about coronavirus, visit


COVID-19 and hospital referrals


 Some important changes are being made to the way we refer patients to our local hospitals in an effort to help the hospitals manage their resources and treat the people who need help at this difficult time.  This statement explains the measures that we have been asked to take during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.


Along with other GP practices in Bradford district and Craven, we can now only make urgent referrals to our local hospitals.   For the foreseeable future, all routine referrals of patients to hospital will stop.


For all important day-to-day activity, such as anti-coagulation (Warfarin) and glaucoma (eye) services, hospital clinicians are consulting with patients using video, telephone, email and text messaging services.


 This is in line with national guidance about the COVID-19 pandemic, in which hospitals have been told to postpone all non-urgent planned treatment.


When considering whether you need to be referred to hospital, your doctor (GP) or healthcare professional will decide whether an urgent referral to hospital is appropriate.   If it is, one will be made in the normal way.


But if an urgent referral isn’t immediately necessary, your GP or other healthcare professional will ask you to return to the practice, if your symptoms persist, when the health system has reinstated normal working patterns.  The practice will not put you on a list to be contacted again, so it is important that you speak to your GP again at a future date if your condition doesn’t improve.


If, in the meantime, your symptoms become significantly worse, you should contact the practice for further advice.  Outside surgery hours, please contact the NHS 111 online service or, if you do not have access to the internet, telephone the service direct on 111.


We will ensure that vulnerable patients – for example those with dementia or severe mental illness - are contacted by the practice appropriately at the right time.


This information also covers hospital walk-in services – such as x-rays and blood tests. Where diagnostic tests are urgent, you will be given an appointment to attend.